Organic farming

Propietat d’Espiells’ more than 270 hectares of vineyards in Penedès are worked following the requirements of organic agriculture 100%, putting them among the leading organic vineyards in the country.

Admiration for nature and its cycles and the conviction that it is only possible to make great wines based on this kind of respect are a constant feature of the history of Propietat d’Espiells. Each of its wines shows the richness of the family legacy of grape varieties, climate and land relief, as well as good vinegrowing and winemaking practices.

The grape growing is conscientious and responsible, considering the vine as part of the landscape and the wine as an expression of its ecosystem.

Hand harvesting

Throughout the property, a thorough control of the grapes is carried out at the foot of the vine to harvest during the optimum ripening and balance of the berries. The extension of the vineyard is not an impediment for the collection of the grapes to be carried out manually and quickly transferred to the winery. The goal is to reach the presses in their best condition, keeping aromatic precursors to the maximum.

Artisanal production

In this coherent family of still wines there is a clear commitment to the rich, varied properties influenced by the unique features of the climate, land relief and grape varieties, as well as vinegrowing techniques and a highly-qualified team of people with great technical knowledge and sensitivity for winemaking. They combine tradition and innovation with a winemaking style intended to faithfully reflect the fruits grown in the vineyards.

Propietat d’Espiells is more than a sustained, renewed effort combining love for the land with high standards of traceability and precision. It combines all these with intimate knowledge of the land and ecological sustainability standards, looking to the future to perpetuate a valuable legacy.
The owners feel a strong responsibility for this valuable diversity and they now see it as critical to emphasise the value of the winery in this winemaking environment and demonstrate a renewed and increasingly firm commitment to excellence and high standards.