Aurora and Gregal d’Espiells, authentically Mediterranean

  • Propietat d’Espiells unveils the new image of its flagship wines, reflecting the fresh impetus Juvé & Camps is giving its still wine range.
  • Aurora and Gregal d’Espiells represent an unwavering commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability that spans four generations of winegrowers with deep roots in the region.

wines gregal and aurora propietat d'espiells

The history of Juvé & Camps is inextricably linked to the land where the winery has its roots. Across four generations, a family with a passion for winemaking in all its forms has consolidated the Juvé & Camps still wine range, which is distributed under the Propietat d’Espiells brand. The wines reflect the unique characteristics of the climate, terrain, and varieties that define their terroirs in the DO Penedès.

Propietat d’Espiells makes organic wines that adhere to the principles of sustainability and originate from exceptional vineyards on the family’s estates within the appellation of origin.

‘At Propietat d’Espiells, the focus is on the vineyard,’ states Meritxell Juvé, ‘The wines are true to the essence of the terroirs of our Penedès vineyards and reflect our family’s winegrowing heritage.’

Every Propietat d’Espiells wine contains a story, a landscape, a small part of the family’s history. The grapes originate from the eponymous estate, which comprises 271 hectares of organically farmed vineyards in the Penedès appellation of origin. In fact, it is one of the leading organic vineyards in Catalonia. The grapes are hand-picked, because a respect for nature and its cycles, as well as the conviction that admiration is essential to obtaining great wines, have defined the winery throughout its history.

Propietat d’Espiells is the soul of Juvé & Camps, because each still wine expresses the winery’s enduring values and unwavering commitments: rigorous quality, high standards, and innovation, combined with the fresh impetus and vision of a new generation.

Aurora and Gregal d’Espiells reflect the family’s new momentum while exemplifying its firm commitment to excellence and the environment. The wines reveal a new contemporary look, marking a buoyant, dynamic new chapter, without losing their timeless essence. Two exquisitely elegant, authentically Mediterranean wines that express the essence of their place of origin. Knowledge, a sense of place, and the highest standards of sustainability come together to bring us Aurora and Gregal. The perfect wines for warm summer days when an outdoor meal enjoyed with family or friends is the best plan imaginable.

Aurora d’Espiells is a lovely, subtle, floral rosé whose delicate, elegant, pale pink colour recalls the first moments of dawn. The delicate aromas of Pinot Noir meet the fruit-laden expression of Xarel·lo. Its acidity is irresistible, beautifully complemented by complexity and versatility. The wine pairs perfectly with exotically flavoured Asian and fusion cuisine, as well as pasta and rice dishes.

Gregal d’Espiells is an aromatic, exuberant white that beautifully blends Muscat of Alexandria and Gewürztraminer. In its delightful, floral fragrance, echoes of white roses and fresh fruit mingle with subtle nuances of stone fruit and wild herbs.  Gregal – inspired by the Mediterranean wind of the same name whose influence is discernable in its aromatic profile – is a cheerful, pleasant, silky, dry wine. An excellent companion for appetisers, shellfish, seafood rice dishes, salads, and Asian food. It pairs perfectly with cheese assortments too.

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